Create a garden summer 邑 靓 靓 靓 栗 栗 栗

 作者:蒋丽葜     |      日期:2018-01-21 11:08:17
Creating a forest summer 邑 靓 靓 靓 靓 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 栗 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建 创建Develop and build a major initiative in the implementation of a harmonious society. Since last year, Xia Wei has built a national forest county town and a garden county town, insisting on placing the landscaping construction in a prominent position, setting standards around the national forest and garden city, planning and implementing it earnestly. First, the National Forest and Garden City Creation Command, which was established by the county party committee secretary and the county commander, has established the establishment of the garden city as an important livelihood project, in the leadership configuration, organizational structure and funding guarantee. The party attaches great importance to it and makes every effort to promote various tasks. At the same time, at the mobilization meeting for the establishment of the work, the national forests, the creation of the garden city and other work will be fully arranged, the target tasks will be defined, the work responsibilities will be implemented, and the implementation will be vigorously promoted. The second is to strengthen the construction of ecological corridors. Adhere to the construction of the Xia Tai Road Ecological Corridor and the Suibin Ecological Corridor as an important part of improving the livability of urban and rural development. At the same time, in the industrial agglomeration area, efforts will be made to build ecological roads such as Industrial Road, Zhenxing Avenue and Crossing Avenue. Moreover, in the entrances to the county towns, the construction of green belts with different characteristics, planting different tree plants, further dressing up the garden and creating a colorful city. The high-standard greening of the six-kilometer Harmony Avenue has made it a beautiful landscape in Xia. According to the national highway, the provincial road is no less than 50 meters on both sides, the county road is no less than 30 meters, the township road is no less than 20 meters, and there are a row of greening trees on both sides of the village road. It is beneficial to use the spring time for afforestation. Before the end of May this year, the first phase of the county's planting of 16,000 mu of trees will be completed, maximizing the green volume of the county, and increasing the per capita public green area, green space rate and green coverage rate. The third is to actively promote the construction of urban parks, squares and gardens. This year, the county budget allocated special funds to build 10 new parks, squares, gardens and green areas in the urban area, such as: Niulang Plaza, Weaver Square, Rainbow Square, Ancient Tree Garden, Ruyipo, Weizhou, Taohua Island, Xinghua Village, Bamboo Expo Park, Xingtan Garden and Xiabei Wetland Park provide places for the public to have leisure and entertainment. At the same time, combined with the construction of urban new areas, the renovation of old cities, and the renovation of illegal buildings, we plan to construct garden green spaces, ecological corridors, leisure fitness squares, and forest parks, and expand the coverage of green spaces so that citizens can see green spaces and close green spaces near their homes. The natural ecological effect of the city in the garden and the forest in the city. The fourth is to strengthen urban and rural environmental remediation. Adhere to the urban and rural environmental remediation as the core of the creation of forests and garden cities, and carry out special rectification activities in response to the three major violations of the law, such as illegal construction, illegal land occupation, and illegal development, and dismantle the problem seriously, the nature is bad, and the masses More than 300 illegal constructions were concerned, with a total area of ​​nearly 100,000 square meters, which played an active role in the work of the city's Chuangsen Creation Park. At the same time, we will continue to focus on purifying the environment, hardening roads, and beautifying villages. The county and villages have invested a total of 0.6 billion yuan in three levels, built 26 new garbage transfer stations and 11 sewage treatment facilities, realizing daily and day-to-day disposal of garbage and sewage. The urban and rural environment has changed significantly. A green, ecological,